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Always with a strong interest in technology and innovation, as we were immediately captivated by the LED industry.


Our choice of working in an area of strong innovation as this gives us every day the urge to offer our customers products of high quality and durable.


We would like that in every house and in every company you were using LED technology for lighting, sure to contribute to technological progress and environmental protection together with our customers.


Nowadays electric lamps have a higher yield than 100 years ago, but have the same underlying defect, ie dissipate a large amount of energy in the form of heat.


The LED is the new revolution in the world of light, its use allows us not to give up one of the greatest achievements of modern civilization "light" but with the great advantage of a lower consumption of at least 80% compared to traditional light sources and a duration of at least 20 times higher and without loss of energy in the form of heat.


In fact, LED lamps do not emit IR and UV rays harmful to health and unlike fluorescent lamps do not contain mercury (a normal fluorescent lamp contains between 3 and 5 mg) and not disperse energy in the form of radiation of heat (rays IR).


All our products are tested and put under test in order to test its features and technical parameters declared by the manufacturer.


We give 5 year warranty on our products and in case of breakage will ensure replacement with shipment at our expense.


Contact us for any question or technical details, we are always at your disposal.


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