Sale terms



All purchases are subject to the regulations of Legislative Decrees 206/05 and 70/03, dictated in the field of distance contracts and e-commerce.


General conditions of Sale:


The articles in the virtual catalog of the Online Store can be purchased under the following conditions.


1) Before proceeding to purchase, we recommend the following:


Read carefully the technical features of the product in the insertion, better still asking for information to ensure that the purchase fully meets your needs.


The image of the listing has been carefully chosen to give as much indication as possible to the reality of the product being sold. It may happen that the image to accompany the descriptive card of a product may not be perfectly representative in the smallest detail but differ according to the color and size of a template, control panel, knobs or buttons color, display or any other component.


Installation must only be carried out by technically qualified personnel, SIMPLIFIED LIFE GLOBAL SRL refuses any damage caused by "DIY" installation.


2) Acceptance of the Order / Conclusion of the Contract


Purchasing what is required will be perfected through the following steps:


* By sending the order, the customer sends to the legal representative of LIFE GLOBAL SRL SEMPLIFICATA a proposal to purchase the selected product or products. The sending of the purchase order implies consent (pursuant to article 10 of Legislative Decree 185/1999) to receive subsequent communications, solely for the conclusion and execution of the sales contract.


* The legal representative reserves the unquestionable faculty of accepting or reverting the proposal to purchase the customer.


* The legal representative will then deliver the required information to the express courier in charge of delivering the address to the address indicated. Payment by the customer will be done by using the mode chosen on-line when purchasing.


3) Payment Method:


* Bank transfer


* Mark with cost to the customer


* Payment via Credit Card * or Paypal;


* We reserve the right to check the membership of the credit card holder by sending a copy of his ID card by fax or email.


As soon as we receive payment confirmation and only after we have made a prior check on customer data we will ship the shipment.


The delivery will take place in the manner described in the Italian or European territory at the address indicated by the Customer. Prior to sending the goods, we reserve the right to request any information that is appropriate to verify the accuracy and consistency of the shipping data indicated in the order of the customer.


We assume no responsibility and no additional expense on the shipment of the goods and on the goods in case of bad or incomplete address.


4) Delivery of goods:


The delivery is meant by road.


When delivering the material from the courier check that:


1) The number of deliveries corresponds to that indicated in the accompanying document.


2) The identity and quality of the products, as indicated on the packaging, corresponds to that indicated on the invoice.


3) The packaging is intact, not damaged, neither wet nor otherwise altered.


4) The Accompanying Bill or Bubble, contained in the special envelope applied outside of one of the packages, or delivered by the courier or sent by e-mail, must be retained.


5) Failure to match the number of packages or indications, as well as the loss or damage, must be immediately challenged to the carrier, refusing delivery in extreme cases.




Carefully check the parcel at the reception. If the packaging is dull, wet or present any other anomaly (eg packet sealed with courier tape) you must immediately report it to the courier's bullet indicating: Goods Check Valuation and Describe Outside Damage or Anomaly Occurred (details )


Without this indication we will not be able to activate the insurance claim for damages in the event that the contents of the product are damaged or missing at the opening of the parcel.


5) Exemption of Liability:

The legal representative of LIFE GLOBAL SRL SIMPLIFIED will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages that the Customer will be liable for the use of the purchased products, including damages resulting from data loss or delays in delivery or for causes of force majeure as well as in If the product can not be serviced and repaired over time, after the end of the warranty.


6) Right of withdrawal:


The right of withdrawal is governed by D.L. 206/2005 if the customer-consumer is a natural person who buys the goods for purposes not related to his or her professional activity, ie does not make the purchase by indicating in the order form a VAT reference, he then has the right to withdraw from the contract For any reason. In order to exercise this right, the customer must send to LIFE GLOBAL SRL a communication within 14 days of SOLARI from the date of delivery of the goods.


Note: You can not exercise the right to withdraw customers who purchase with VAT. (Legislative Decree No. 22/5/99 185)


7) Waiver Mode:


However, the right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:


• the right of withdrawal does not apply to sealed audio-visual products or computer software (including hardware products attached to hardware) once opened and in any case when the product opens the packaging or seals may NOT BE SALE FOR SALE.


• The purchased goods must be intact and returned in the original packaging without any written or customer-made written details, complete in all parts (including packaging and any documentation and ancillary equipment: manuals, cables, etc.); To limit damage to the original packaging, we recommend, whenever possible, to place it in a second box on which to record sender, recipient and eventually any information or symbols useful to the courier in order to avoid damage; Avoiding in all cases the affixing of labels or adhesive tapes directly on the original packaging of the product;


• The shipment, up to the receipt of the receipt in our warehouse, is under the full responsibility of the customer;


• Shipping costs for returning the goods are borne by the customer;




SIMPLIFIED LIFE GLOBAL SRL - Via Giovanni Dandolo 17B - 35010 Borgoricco (PD), tel. 3924511762




• The legal representative as well as the owner of the vendor does not in any way respond to damages or theft / loss of goods returned with uninsured expeditions.


Subject to any restoration costs for damage found on the original packaging, you will be reimbursed to the customer for the entire amount already paid for the product, within 14 days of the return of the goods, through the cancellation of the amount charged on the Card Credit or refund by Paypal or by bank transfer. In the latter case, it will be up to the client to provide timely bank coordinates on which to obtain the refund (IBAN Code of the invoice manager).


8) When the right of withdrawal ends:


The right of withdrawal completely declines because of the lack of the essential condition of the integrity of the good (packaging and / or its contents), in the following cases:


• Even partial use of the good and any consumables;


• Lack of external packaging and / or original packaging;


• Absence of integral parts of the product (accessories, cables, manuals, parts, ...);


• Damage to the product for reasons other than its transport;


• In the aforementioned cases, you will be returned to the sender for the goods purchased, charging the shipping costs at the same time;


• Can not exercise the right to withdraw customers who purchase with VAT. (Legislative Decree No. 22/5/99 185)


Therefore, we strongly urge you to purchase only and exclusively if you are convinced of the product and all its features.


Restoring a packaging without damaging it or bringing it back to its original state is an operation that can sometimes be very difficult.


Unpackaged packaging may cause the object to be damaged during transportation.


This entails the loss of the right to money restitution.


You repeat what was written at the beginning of this page:


Read carefully the technical features of the product in the insertion, better still asking for information to ensure that the purchase fully meets your needs.


9) Customer Refund Time:

If the above return procedure is performed correctly, it will be done within 14 days of receipt of the MERCURY at our delivery, upon the payment of the amount paid on the invoice including shipping costs excluding the recovery of any damages found.


10) Defective Material:


If a product submitted is defective, LIFE GLOBAL SRL SIMPLIFIED undertakes to replace it in its entirety only after it has verified the malfunction.


In any case, the cost of shipping the defective material for its verification is borne by the customer.


11) Processing of personal data:


Pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 196 of June 30, 2003, it is communicated to customers that personal data (name and surname or company name, address, tax code, VAT number, phone numbers, e-mail addresses) provided by them at the time of order They are excluded from the consent of the person concerned as they are collected and held solely on the basis of the tax / tax obligations provided for by law, regulations and Community legislation and, in any case, solely for the purpose of allowing the exact fulfillment of the obligations arising From the purchase contract (for example, the use of such data for the conclusion of the shipping contract with the courier) to which he is interested and knowledgeable.


Please note that personal data provided by customers will be used solely and exclusively for the above-mentioned purposes and will not be used for commercial purposes or for sending advertising material or for performing market research or interactive commercial communication or for any Other purpose to third parties.


12) Request for personal data cancellation:


The Customer may at any time request the removal of personal and personal information from the computer archive.


To request the deletion of your data:


Send an e-mail to:


13) Guarantees:


Product Warranty: 2 years


14) Jurisdiction over disputes:


The sales contract between the Customer and LIFE GLOBAL SRL SIMPLIFIED is intended to be concluded in Italy and governed by the Italian Law. For the settlement of disputes arising out of the conclusion of the distance selling contract, the territorial jurisdiction is that of the consumer's residence; In all the other cases in which you do not find the quality of the consumer, territorial competence is exclusively that of Terni.



Registered office:

Via Tre Venezie 284C

05100 Terni (TR)

P.I. And C.F. 01508200555

Business Register Number: 102500

tel. 3924511762

Operating Location:

Via Giovanni Dandolo 17B

35010 Borgoricco (PD)

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